Chairman Speech

Engr. Mohammed Al Mymuni


Senan Construction Company

Senan Construction Company (Senan)

Has a sole objective to efficiently provide the international standard and state-of-the-art Construction in the field of Buildings, Infrastructure, all other Civil works, including Electro-Mechanical & Plumbing (ME&P) and Finishing Works as these are the crucial sectors in the development of Saudi Arabia. Over the period of thirteen (13) years from its inception in 2010, Senan successfully established a competent team of comprehensive experienced professionals and specialists, who shall proficiently undertake and complete all the aforementioned works.

Therefore, it has a determined aim to be a leading contractor in Saudi Arabia to compete and deals in large-scale projects of construction in the aforementioned domains. Details of the completed and on-going projects are provided in the subsequent sections of this Profile and in Senan’s Website. It is Senan’s policy to associate with reputed international and national contractors to undertake mega and complex projects in Saudi Arabia.

In view of the competence and experience of Senan, I firmly commit to all the concerns that we shall undertake, execute and complete all the said works with absolute authority to secure the ultimate satisfaction of all the concerned parties.