Our Style


Customer satisfaction is the basis of our policy, by communicating, listening, and understanding our customers we are able to plan, develop and implement work with added value for customers.


SENAN AL-TAMEER is committed to proving quality in all engineering and construction activities as well as any activity carried out by each individual within it. all managers will be responsible for the quality of work in their locations and for implementing quality control procedures.


Good planning is very essential to run any project smoothly and completing it on time. therefore, our actions in this regard focus on the following:

  • Before starting any construction activity, the first step is to carefully check the contract documents and draw up a construction plan based on the project size, requirements, site conditions, and contract terms.
  • Accordingly we prepare the schedule for all construction, related engineering, and procurement activities, including the required resources.
  • All managers and engineers involved must follow the schedule and make updates and progress reports.
  • Management will monitor progress and make all required resources available on time.